TPU-HFFR series (Halogen Free Flame Retardant Thermoplastic Poly-Urethane) offers a wide range of flame retardant polyurethanes with high mechanical properties.
Our TPU-HFFR products are avaiable ether or ester based, both "halogen free" and "halogenated" version .
  • Hardness from 75 ShA to 70 ShD
  • Specific gravity from 1,20 g/cc to 1,40 g/cc
  • Temperature of service: from -50°C to 90°C
  • Excellent resistence to chemical agents (hydrocarbon, petrol, oil, grease, etc)
  • Colourable via masterbatch or available already coloured
  • Transformation process: after drying, suitable both for extrusion and injection molding
  • Completely recyclable and reprocessableStorage: the product should be stored in a covered area and kept away from moisture and heat

  • CEI 20.35
  • DIN 53515
  • DIN 53516
  • IEC 60332-1
  • IEC 60332-2
  • IEC 60332-3
  • ISO 458
  • ISO 527
  • UL 1581 VW-1
  • UL 1666
  • UL 94

Series Industry/Application
STARLEX E/8000 Sport & Safety equipment (Sport e Antinfortunistica), Building & Constructions (Edilizia), Agricolture (Agricoltura), Clothing (Abbigliamento), Automotive, Bicycle & Motorcycle (Cicli e Motocicli), Home appliances (Elettrodomestici), Wires & Cables (Cavi e Fili elettrici) and Electronics and TLC in general (Elettronica e TLC in generale), Tubes & Pipes (Tubi), Mechanics & Tools (Meccanico)
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