Eurocompound produces a wide range of products for extrusion and injection molding, MB (Masterbatches) for compounding, both for standard and high volume's productions (Commodities) and, especially, for specific and targeted production's needs (Specialities) .
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Product Our Trademark
PVC and Alloys (with NBR, EVA, TPU, etc)STARLEX / STARCOM
TPU-HFFR (Flame retardant)STARLEX
TPE, TPO e TPV (Polyolefins alloys)
HFFR (Thermoplastics)STARGUM
XL-HFFR (Silane crosslinkable) STARGUM
XLPE (Silane crosslinkable PE)
XLEPR (Silane crosslinkable EPR-EPDM special PP grades in blends or alone)STARLINK
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