A flexible, experienced and qualified partner

Eurocompound Spa was born in 1991 as a plastified PVC compound producer.
Currently, Eurocompound Spa is an Italian private company producing compounds and active both in the Italian and International markets thanks to 20 years experience in the formulation of PVC and its Alloys, TPE, TPO, TPU, TPV, Thermoplatics and Crosslinkable HFFR.
The company produces a wide range of products for extrusion and injection molding, MB (Masterbatches) for compounding, both for standard and high volume's productions (Commodities) and, especially, for specific and targeted production's needs (Specialities).
With reference to special products, the company has:
  • a consulting approach and offers to its customers and partners a competent and experienced management team;

  • the attitude to study, develop and realize "tailor made" and high value-added products.
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